In the old days

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Do you have to spend a lot of money on golf?hoes to get high quality products? The answer is no. This may not have been true a few decades ago, but it is true today. Good quality shoes can now be purchased at very affordable prices.

But is there a way to determine price versus quality when buying new golf shoes? Yes, there is.

Some of the most well made and expensive shoes you will find are made of leather. Leather has been used for centuries as a top quality material for all types of footwear, and golf shoes are no exception. But do you need to buy leather shoes? No.

If your budget will allow it, and your heart is set on owning a pair of leather shoes, then buy them. But do not assume that you do not have other, more affordable, options.

Many of today s modern shoes are made of light weight, waterproof materials that are both attractive and affordable. There are styles to fit any personality or fashion desire. Unlike the old days when the vast majority of shoes were made for men, today women and kids have a huge assortment to choose from, and many of these styles come in colors that are particularly appealing to both girls and women.

Some of the more important parts of the golf shoe that you want to inspect before you purchase include:

The Upper: the upper is basically that part you can see. There is no reason you cannot find shoes that match your personality these days. From hot pink to classic, you can find what you want, and find them fairly easily. Uppers should be waterproof and they should also fit snugly, but not too tightly around your feet.

The Soles: Soles for shoes today come in a variety of materials. Most of these materials are high quality and will serve you well for many years. It is important, however, to take a good look at the sole to make sure it is not poorly constructed.

Spikes or Nubs: Shoes must fit properly, but they must also provide solid, stable footing. This is the main reason for having golf shoes in the first place.

In the old days, metal spikes were used on the bottom of golf shoes, but these are slowly being phased out. Some golf courses, in fact, will not allow you to play if you wear metal spikes because of the damage they do to the fairways and greens.

Plastic or rubber nubs are the modern replacement for metal spikes. You can find very high quality nubs in affordable shoes. Smart shoppers will want to find shoes that have replaceable nubs. Changing the nubs when they begin to wear out is usually a simple and inexpensive process.

In closing, it is common today to find excellent golf shoes for under $100. In many cases, you can find top notch shoes for half that price or even less. The only thing you have to do to get these great bargains is go out and get them.